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About us

What and how do we create?

We design and create digital products (websites, web and mobile applications), we support the design process at various stages: from concept, through design, development, workshops and launching of the final product. We focus on user needs, our solutions best meet the goals and assumptions. The overriding aspect of our activities is to maintain a common communication platform. We focus on design, but we do not forget about the technological aspect - we treat them equally. Using the diversity of our experience, we provide the best quality solutions.



Tomasz Kurdelski

Tomasz Kurdelski - CEO

48 506 002 913

Agnieszka Müller

Lead of User Interface
Agnieszka Müller - Lead of User Interface

48 509 294 443

Marek Pawełkiewicz

Lead of Product Design
Marek Pawełkiewicz - Lead of Product Design

48 502 346 079

Rafał Bosak

Key Account Manager
Rafał Bosak - Key Account Manager

48 517 284 854


Users and customer team
Klient - Użytkownicy i zespół klienta


How do we work?

Poznajemy się

We meet

We listen and talk. We get to know the client, his needs and requirements.

Szacujemy i planujemy

Estimate and plan

We write the schedule and choose design methods. We define the scope of work and select a team.

Tworzymy produkt

Design a product

We design based on accepted methods and assumptions. We verify the solution in constant cooperation with the client and users.


We implement

We launch a product that is fully usable and functional. We introduce mechanisms optimizing its operation.